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Restrictions under lockdown from October 21-November 14

The Latvian government has announced a strict lockdown to be in force over the next 4 weeks to help relieve the hospitals that are overwhelmed with Covid patients. Currently, here is what we will do at ISL:

  • Starting Ocotber 25, PreK-Grade 1 students will be allowed on campus for in-person learning. Grade 1 students will need to wear masks when indoors at all times, except when eating, when outdoors or when in PE or music class. Families must submit this questionnaire before Monday, October 25.
  • Starting November 1, Grade 2-4 students will be allowed back on campus for in-person learning. Families must submit this questionnaire before Monday, November 1. Students must also have proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours of returning back on campus.
    • To help assist families, we will offer saliva testing to be done at school out front on Friday, October 29th from 08:45-10:00am. Parents must assist their student(s) with this testing. ISL will then deliver tests to the lab. Families can also schedule their own testing outside of school.
  • We are hopeful that Grades 5-12 students will be allowed back on campus with starting November 15. We will await further guidelines from the Latvian government on this
  • Continued hygiene precautions will remain in place, such as encouraging frequent hand washing, classroom ventilation, staggered lunches, frequent disinfection, and student density reduction where possible.
  • Proper mask wearing on campus and weekly student Covid testing for Grade 1-12 students without certificates of vaccination or immunity will continue.


  • We strongly recommend our parent community and all of our eligible students (over the age of 12) to vaccinate! Getting vaccinated is the most effective way to reduce the transmission of Covid and to keep students in school. To get a vaccine, simply call 8989, go to, or go to any vaccination clinic in most shopping centers.
  • Stay home if sick! Check your child’s temperature and well-being every day before leaving home. Students with any upper respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, stuffy nose) must stay home until symptom-free, fever-free for a full 24 hours. If a student at school develops any upper respiratory symptoms, then they will be sent home. Students who are absent due to illness for more than 4 days will require a doctor’s note to return and proof of a negative Covid test.
  • Avoid traveling to high risk countries. If families/students do decide to travel, please inform the school at  ISL expects families to follow all local regulations regarding self-isolating upon returning back from travels before returning back to school. Please refer to the SPKC website for more information.

If you have any questions or need any assistance finding a family doctor, please reach out to .

Karina Muzikants, PA-C
Health Officer

In addition to the mentioned above required documentation, all students are required to have updated ISL medical forms turned in by the beginning of each school year so that students are able to participate in all school activities.

COVID-related topics

The Latvian government has announced it is requiring weekly Covid testing for Grades 1 through Grade 12 students without certificates of vaccination or immunity. To adhere to these new regulations, at ISL we will do the following:

  • Testing of all students without certificates of vaccination or immunity will take place every Wednesday morning.
    • For Grades 1 – 5 in the homeroom classroom;
    • For Grades 6 – 12 during Advisory.
  • In cooperation with the BIOR laboratory, students will be using an oral cotton-swab testing kit. Teachers will assist students with the testing procedure. Here is an instructional video in Latvian provided by the lab.
  • These students do not need to do this testing:
    • PreK3-Kindergarten students
    • Students who are fully vaccinated or students who have recovered from having Covid. These students must provide the school with a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of immunity (valid for 180 days).
  • The school and parents will receive results the following day that represent the entire class as a whole. In the event of a positive case, the school will be informed right away. Parents can also access their student’s results by accessing, or
  • If there is a positive case in the grade level, those tested students must have a repeat Covid test within 3 days. All other vaccinated students in the class will be informed of the positive case and will need to do testing within 7 days.
  • This testing is sponsored by the Latvian government.
  • Absences: If a student is absent on a testing day or has an extended absence of more than 4 days, per Latvian regulations, it is then the parent’s responsibility to have the student tested before returning back to school. Students arriving after 10:00 on a testing day will miss the testing window and will need to provide their own test for that week. Options available:
    • Testing kits can be picked up from the school entrance Mon-Fri, 8:00-16:00, along with instructions. Parents must then drop completed tests off at the Bior lab site during their business hours. Or,
    • Parents organize a Covid test independently and email results to

A cloth or surgical face mask must be worn indoors on school premises at all times by all students in Grade 1-12 except when outdoors, when eating or when in PE or music class. Face shields or face-shield styled face masks are not acceptable. Please provide your student with an extra mask if they lose or need a clean one. Masks must also be worn by all students riding on the school bus.

Here are guidelines for when a student is identified as a direct contact or when a student tests positive for Covid.

  • If there is ever a positive test result reported or during our weekly student screening, the Health Officer will work with the Latvian SPKC epidemiologists to assist with tracing all direct contacts (those closer than 2m for longer than 15 minutes) at our school.
  • As of October 21, all students regardless of vaccination status will have to quarantine for 14 days. If asymptomatic, students can break quarantine with a negative test on Day 7.
  • If the school is notified of a student testing positive during a regular school day, the school has a protocol in place for both Elementary and Secondary school students:
    • The affected student(s) and their siblings would be escorted to the Nurse’s Office to await parent pick up.
    • Elementary students identified as direct contacts would return to their homeroom classroom to “isolate” with their homeroom teacher while awaiting parent pick up.
    • Secondary students identified as direct contacts will be directed to the Auditorium to await parent pick up.
    • Emails from the Health Officer and Principal would then be shared out to parents with instructions for medical care and further academic learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event that the government mandates a change in our learning structure, we are ready and prepared. This table will give a basic outline of our different learning formats that comply with Latvian regulations. However, this school year, with 98% of teaching staff fully vaccinated and with our high rates of student vaccinations, we are confident we will be able to stay open for in-person learning.

This will vary if the parents and/or students are vaccinated, have immunity or not. Please refer to this government website to see what applies to you and your student. Please note that children under 12 do not need a negative test result when entering Latvia, but are subject to the same conditions for self-isolation as their parents. For ex., if the parent accompanying the child does not have to self-isolate, then the child also does not have to. However, for 10 days after entry, those children will not be allowed to contact people outside their household, attend public events, go to camp/school/kindergarten, or use public transport. We also expect unvaccinated students of diplomatic families to also self isolate for 10 days after traveling.

No. Self-isolation means staying at home and not having direct contact with others. This means not socializing with friends/classmates or having visitors at home. This government website explains what self isolation is and what you can/cannot do.  Please note there can be monetary fines for people who do not follow the government regulations on self-isolation.

If self-isolation is required for your child, please note the following procedures outlining the specifics of how we can support students academically while in isolation. Please note that during the period of isolation (if not on VLE), ISL cannot offer a virtual learning environment.

Elementary School
Middle & High School
Diploma Program

In addition, if your child is absent (not in self isolation) and they are physically able to, please note the following ways they can stay current with class work:

  • Elementary School: Email your child’s homeroom teacher to see if there are key activities that can be completed at home.
  • Secondary School: Access Managebac to review assignments posted in classes for that day.

If someone in our community tests positive or has direct contact with someone who has tested positive, please inform the school immediately. In addition, please call and consult with your family doctor for further medical care. The epidemiologists at The Latvian Center for Disease and Control (SPKC) will contact you and the school (if necessary) for further recommendations. Here are guidelines for if a student/staff is identifed as a direct contact or if a student/staff tests positive for Covid.

If a parent needs to get tested, please keep all unvaccinated students home until you have received your results. While awaiting test results, those students then should not have direct contact with others.

 If someone has any upper respiratory symptoms (sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing) or elevated temperature of 37.5 or higher or new loss of taste or smell, then please stay home! Call your family doctor for further medical care and for possible Covid testing. Here is a Daily Student Health Screening checklist you can use



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