Financial information

School membership fees 2022-2023

Grade Level Registration Fee** Annual Tuition*** Capital Fee**** for
returning students*****
Capital Fee**** for
new students
Preschool 2/3/4 EUR 725 EUR 6 000 EUR 1 600 EUR 2 500
Kindergarten EUR 1 450 EUR 13 665 EUR 1 600 EUR 2 500
Grade 1 – 5 EUR 1 450 EUR 14 300 EUR 1 600 EUR 2 500
Grade 6 – 8 EUR 1 450 EUR 16 000 EUR 1 600 EUR 2 500
Grade 9 – 10 EUR 1 450 EUR 16 200 EUR 1 600 EUR 2 500
Grade 11 – 12 EUR 1 450 EUR 17 000 EUR 1 600 EUR 2 500


**Registration Fee – a one-time only fee per student. NON REFUNDABLE. The fee is payable also for returning students who return to ISL after more than one year of absence.
***Annual Tuition – an annual fee for tuition for a student enrolled in the school.
****Capital Fee – an annual contribution for the continuous development of school facilities. NON REFUNDABLE.
*****Returning student – a student who hasn’t been away from ISL for more than one year.

* Extra tuition will be charged for students who have special educational/medical needs or are in the need of a Specialized Program. Additional costs to parents, calculated on a case-by-case basis, can include but are not limited to the following: one-to-one assistant, assistive devices, educational psychological assessments, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, tutors, psychotherapy, special tests, additional materials etc., and the teaching/support staff involved.

Program improvement, teacher advancement and inflation comes hand in hand with financing. School membership fees are subject to annual increase by 2% (two percent) a year, unless decision on smaller increase is taken. In case financial needs of the school results in larger increase, parents will be notified in advance. 

Extra-curricular/After School Activities, bus and lunch fees are charged separately.

Payment for 2022-2023

A non-refundable deposit of EUR 500 (five hundred euro) per student is required to be paid by 6th June, 2022 to secure a place for next school year. This deposit is credited towards the annual tuition fee.

Payment due date is 3rd August, 2022. If student is enrolled after the school year has started, payment is due as soon as invoice is received, before child’s first day of school.

All payments should be paid ONLY by bank transfer to the school’s bank account as stated in invoices. The payer covers bank transfer charges. Non-regular payments of up to EUR 30 can be paid to the school cashier.


Starting with the 2017/2018 school year no discounts are available to new students/families and families enrolling any additional students.

Late payment charges

For invoices unpaid after the due date, a reminder will be sent and a late payment charges (0.1% a day from the amount due) will be calculated, not exceeding 10% of the amount due. No student records, including report cards and transcripts, will be released until the payments are settled. If the payment or record of transfer is not received in one month after the payment is due, external debt collectors will be used, the costs of which will be billed to the debtor and the student will be suspended from the school. Upon availability, the student will be readmitted when payment is made including a late payment charge.

Mid-Year Enrollment

In the event that a student enters ISL during the school year, the partial tuition is pro-rated, based on the total months remaining in the school year, taking into account that the whole school year is 10 (ten) months.

The Registration Fee and the Capital Fee are not pro-rated; they are payable in full regardless of enrollment date.

Payment Schedule

Parents, who are current on payments and are paying the full school fees themselves, may apply for a semi-annual or quarterly tuition payment schedules that is accepted by the School’s Council.

Semi-annual or quarterly tuition payment schedules will not be available to the debtors as of the next school year when the debt arises. Re-applying for the payment schedule can be done only after one year of prompt payment of all fees.

Alternative Payment Schedules apply only to the Annual Tuition fee:


Payment Payment Due Date Payment Amount (%)
1st 3rd August 2022
  • 60% tuition fee
  • 100% capital fee
  • 100% registration fee
2nd 11th January 2023
  • 40% tuition fee



Payment Payment Due Date Payment Amount (%)
1st 3rd August 2022
  • 40% tuition fee
  • 100% capital fee
  • 100% registration fee
2nd 26th October 2022
  • 30% tuition fee
3rd 11th January 2023
  • 20% tuition fee
4th 5th April 2023
  • 10% tuition fee


Students who leave the school early will be required to pay according to the following principle:

Exit quarter Refund calculated from the TOTAL amount of annual tuition (%) *

August 18 – October 26

60% tuition fee

October 27 – January 21

30% tuition fee

January 22 – April 4

10 % tuition fee

April 5 – June 17

No refund

*This total amount does not include the capital fee and the registration fee which are non-refundable.
If for any reason, when your child leaves ISL, you have paid less than the amount owed according to the refund schedule,
you will be asked to pay the remaining amount even though the child will no longer be a student at ISL. No student records
will be released until the payments are settled.
In cases where students are suspended or dismissed for unsatisfactory conduct or academic progress, the School reserves the right to withhold any refund of fees.

School bus fee per student from Riga (Mezaparks) and Jurmala is EUR 2000 (including VAT). For those riding the school bus just a few times a year the price per route will be EUR 7.00, or EUR 14.00 per round trip.

Biedrība “Latvijas Starptautiskā Skola”
Registration Number. 40008006745
Legal Address: Meistaru 2, Pinki, Babites pag., Marupes nov., LV-2107
VAT No. LV40008006745
Bank account: LV39PARX0012714510001

All parents are encouraged to contribute to ISL’s voluntary donations program. Donations to ISL Building Fund and ISL Scholarship Fund are much appreciated, and will enable the School to enhance its program offerings. By contributing to ISL’s voluntary donations program you are entitled to Corporate Income Tax or Personal Income Tax reductions.

For any additional information please contact the school’s Business Manager Zigita Paurniete by email, or phone +371 67755146; +371 29672596.




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