School Counselor

The primary function of the School Counselors of The International School of Latvia (ISL) is to promote the academic, personal, and social development of all students.

The Counselors’ offices are safe, confidential, non-judgmental places for anyone in the ISL community to share thoughts, concerns or problems.

The School Counselors collaborate with parents and teachers, as well as providing individual counseling, group counseling, school-wide programs and classroom lessons. School counselors are not therapists or disciplinarians, instead we are advocates for healthy, wise, and safe choices in any situation.

Counseling services may involve:

  • Individual or group counseling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Collaboration with ISL staff
  • Classroom instruction
  • Support and guidance to families

Other aspects of the School Counselor’s work are:

  • ISL’s Transition program: Help students, parents and teachers arrive, stay and leave well,
  • Middle and High School Advisory,
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program in the Elementary School: taught in very classroom at least once in an 8 day rotation.

If you would like to make an appointment to see one of the counselors, please email us! Contact the Elementary School Counselor, Ms. Alexandra Schuur, at or the Secondary School Counselor, Elzbieta Klim, at  You may also contact the Front Desk and request an appointment at +371 67755146.

Meet our School Counselors:

Elzbieta Klim
Elzbieta Klim
SS Counselor
Alexandra Schuur
Alexandra Schuur
ES Counselor

Virtual Wellness Office

In the midst of a crisis, students and parents often look to the school to provide resources and assistance. Counselors are often the ones that help staff and students navigate through many different types of crises, including the one we are currently facing. We realize that students, as well as their families, may be experiencing high levels of stress at this time as well as heightened levels of anxiety. Although assisting students while they are home poses some unique challenges, we will do our best to continue to support our students.

The ISL Counseling Team serves to provide resources and optional Mindfulness activities that can assist students during these difficult times as well as provide support for parents to assist in communicating with their children at home.

If students or parents have any questions, please contact Ms. Klim, the Secondary School Counselor, by email at

Office Hours: M-F 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (on campus)

Elzbieta Klim
Elzbieta Klim
Secondary School Counselor

Virtual Counseling Office

To book a meeting with Ms. Klim, please click here

Students can participate in virtual academic & wellness counseling

with their School Counselor during school hours or after school (until 4pm).

Mindfulness Activities

BLOG – Calm – free resources including meditations, breathing techniques, music, sleep stories, and Calm Masterclass series including “Discovering Happiness”, “Social Media and Screen Addiction”, and more.

MUSIC – relaxing music video that provides soothing sounds as background music for studying, stress relief, sleep, meditation, healing, and yoga.

432 Hz Reiki Healing Music

Relaxing Sounds, 

Soothing  Music “Happiness Frequency”


CALMING SOUNDS – ambient, rain, ocean waves, campfire, creek, birds, harp

DEEP BREATHING & GUIDED RELAXATION – A variety of 5-25 minute guided meditations.

Meditation for Teens

Finding Peace in Uncertain Times

CREATE  YOUR OWN Breathing Meditation with CUSTOMIZABLE visual background, sound, and pace.

YOGA & MINDFULNESS – 10 min Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Additional Topics for Teens

MIND & MENTAL HEALTH  Teens Health (various topics)

ANXIETY Progressive Muscle Relaxations Technique

PROCRASTINATION How to Stop Procrastinating

ORGANIZATION and TIME MANAGEMENT – Best School Organization Apps

IMPROVING STUDY and PRODUCTIVITY – The Pomodoro Technique 

COVID 19 STRESS MANAGEMENT Stress Management Tools

WELLNESS FOR SENIORS Wellness for HS Seniors

TEENS DEPRESSION – Dealing with Depression


Resources for Parents

The Power of Mindful Parenting – How to Stay Connected with your Teen

Parent Toolkit – Parenting Guides provide benchmarks and tips for your child’s academic, physical, social and emotional growth

Child Mind Institute –  resources for parents covering a variety of topics such as sleep, organizational skills, learning, anxiety, divorce, discipline, parenting styles, friends and socialising, grief, self-esteem, teens and pre-teens, military families, etc.

Distance Learning – “8 Tips for Parents in Distance Learning”

Anxiety in Teens – understanding anxiety and how to help teenagers deal with anxiety

The Art of Civil Conversation –  Parents’ strategies for healthy and collaborative  communication

Preparing Your Child for Returning to School After COVID – Tips for Parents



Life at ISL

Life at ISL

Life at ISL

Life at ISL

Life at ISL

Life at ISL