Healthy choices

Our catering provider Daily offers a hot school lunch from either a set menu (Pre-G1) or self-served from a hot buffet station (G2-G12). The school hot lunch program follows strict Latvian government guidelines of low-salt, low-sugar, no fried or processed food meal plans, while offering a variety of items (including vegetarian and vegan options). The menu is changed often with focus on seasonal items and local produce. Secondary students also have the option of purchasing salads or sandwiches if they don’t want a daily hot lunch. Breakfast items, healthy snacks, juice and bottled water are also available for purchase during designated times only.

Parents - Please remember to pay all outstanding 2021-22 school lunch payments as soon as possible!!

FOOD ALLERGIES: For those students with food allergies or special diets, please fill out this form and schedule a consultation with the Cafeteria Manager. Students who require special separate menus must provide a doctor’s note from an allergist confirming their food allergy. Also, please be aware that some of our baked items are made a Daily bakery off-campus, so some baked items may contain trace amounts of or come into contact with wheat, eggs, milk, soy, peanuts or tree nuts.

ORDERING: To order school lunch, simply follow the payment plan below. Payments must be made before the start of each month so that the catering company can order the correct amount of food. If a student is absent from school, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the Cafeteria Manager, Mr. Sandijs Volinskis (+371 28647892, 08:00am to receive a refund. Also, large families with 4 or more children are eligible for school lunch discounts and can contact Mr. Sandijs for details.
Grade Prices per day (EUR)    Total estimated monthly payment, EUR
Morning snack Lunch Afternoon snack Apr 2022 May 2022 June 2022
PK3 – Kgt 4,20 € 63,00 72.90 51.90
Grade 1* 4,20 € / 2,78* 41,70 48.54 51.90
Grade 2* 4,20 € / 2,78* 41,70 48.54 51.90
Grade 3* 4,00 € / 2,58*   38,70 45,44 49.50
Grade 4* 4,00 € / 2,58*   38,70 45,44 49.50
Grade 5 4,00 €   60,00 69,50 49.50
Grades 6 – 12   3,75 €   56,25 67.50 45.00
# of school lunches per month 15 18 days (G6-12)

17 days +1 snack (Pre3-G5)

12 days (G6-11)

12 days +1 snack (Pre3-G5)

*Prices and monthly payment adjusted to reflect 1.42 EUR/day subsidy by the Latvian government from September- May only. No subsidies for the month of June.

PAYMENTS are to be made to:

To: SIA „Baltic Restaurants Latvia”
Bank: SEB banka
Reg. Nr.: 40003556833
IBAN: LV21UNLA0050017444662
Info: (include student’s name, Grade, and month you are paying for)

To CANCEL a pre-paid lunch, parents must notify the Cafeteria Manager by 08:00 to receive a refund. If parents fail to notify by 08:00, no refund will be made.

What is healthy food? Daily believes that healthy food is about variety and avoiding extremes. Daily menus are approved as healthy and recommendable by Latvian Diet Doctors Association since 2008. Daily cooperates with local farmers and uses more than 75% of local raw materials in its menu.

ISL and Daily also participate in the Latvian school milk and fruit program providing children with milk and fruits every day.

Daily is operated by Baltic Restaurants, a Latvian company established in 1993, operating also in Estonia.

Questions, suggestions or concerns, can be directed to either the Cafeteria Manager (Mr. Sandijs Volinskis, +371 28647892, or to the school principals.

Student Guidelines for Cafeteria use:

Elementary School

Secondary School

Here are the new prices for school meals for the upcoming school year 2022-23. Please note that from September to May, Grades 1-4 will receive a state & municipality subsidy of 1,42 EUR per day. A more detailed monthly price table will be provided for the new school year in early August.

Grade level

Price includes Current 2021-22 price Predicted 2022-23 price

Increase %

PreK2-G2 Morning snack + Lunch + Afternoon snack 4.20 4.50 7.14%
G3-5 Morning snack + Lunch 4.00 4.30 7.50%
G6-12 Lunch 3.75 4.0 6.67%