Celebrating the artists  of the graduating class of 2021

International School of Latvia Grade 12 IB Diploma Visual Arts graduates:

Nargiz Kudaibergenova

Hey! My name is Nargiz. I am from Kazakhstan, and my hobbies are walking around the city, fashion, and having a camera in my pocket. Investigating what my passion is, I chose IB Art to learn to express my ideas. Besides that, this course trained me to be more responsible towards my deadlines, and surprisingly, art developed my academic skills. In the nearest future, while studying Business Administration at university, I am planning on further developing as an artist. Being grateful for the opportunity of launching this virtual exhibition, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Anna Chernysh

Hello! My name is Anna. Besides the theme and motif there are more aspects that tie all my works together. Pieces that I have created all share stories and have symbolic meanings to them. I want my audience to have an emotional experience with different mediums of art, to enjoy different forms of expression and emotion.


Patricija Bauze

My name is Patrīcija and I’m from Latvia. Although art is the hobby which takes up most of my time, I also love to travel, cycle, learn new languages and drink tea by a fireplace on a rainy day. These 2 years of DP Art courses have helped me develop my art style and guide me through many themes and motifs to the one which I want to portray to a broader audience – landscapes and views from my everyday life.

Thank you so much for helping to organise this online exhibition!


Thomas Bell

Hello fellow students, I’m Thomas Edward Bell. I am from the Post British Empire, where my Mother’s side came from Salisbury, England, while my Father is from Glasgow, Scotland. I chose Art because I always love to draw and Economics is not my strong suit. The experience that stood out was the photo collages and the opportunity to create a story for my exhibition.


Ance Skolniece

My name is Ance and I am from Latvia. A few of my interests include fashion and music, researching social issues and travelling. In this exhibition, you will witness how my passion for art has grown during the DP program. I explore themes and ideas related to a minimalistic lifestyle and isolation in my artworks.




Life in ISL

Life in ISL

Life in ISL

Life in ISL

Life in ISL

Life in ISL