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MS Student Council

The Middle School Student Council (MSSC) is made up of student leaders selected by their peers from grades 6-8. Each grade level has three representatives, one for each Lynx Time small group. The MSSC has a number of responsibilities in the ISL community: they represent the interests of the MS student body in student and school affairs, they provide services that improve the quality of life for students, they keep the student body informed of relevant issues, they help maintain productive relationships amongst students, faculty, and administration, and they coordinate and organize MS assemblies and social events.

The MSSC is governed by the following officers:

  • President: sets the agenda for and runs meetings, represents the entire MS student body, and has full executive authority.
  • Vice-President: maintains the budget and accounting for the MSSC, and assists the President and acts in their stead when absent or unable to fulfill their duties.
  • Minister of Internal Affairs: maintains records of meeting minutes, agendas, and any correspondence of the MSSC.
  • Minister of Communication: Communicates all information related to MSSC activities with the MS student body.


Middle School Student Council 2017/2018

Ghosh, Saanvi.JPG

Yankovskaya, Aleksandra.JPG

Copy of Care, Ilona.jpg

Saanvi Ghosh

The President

Alexandra Yankovskaya

The Vice-President

Ms Ilona Care

MS SC Advisor

Simon, Casey Shae.JPG

Skujina, Madara.JPG

Platt, Thomas Adams.JPG

Casey Simon

The Minister of Internal Affairs

Madara Skujina

The Minister of Communication

Thomas Platt

The Minister of Finance

Chetverikova, Polina.JPG

Davojana, Ofelija.JPG

Platt, Savannah Buckwatter.JPG

Polina Chetverikova

Ofelija Davojana

Savannah Platt

Major, Daphne Jane.JPG

Karaminas, Georgia Georgina.JPG

Urga, Isolde.JPG

Daphne Major

Georgina Karamina

Isolde Urga

Mileeva, Anastasia.JPG

Pavlova, Maria.JPG

Shchedrovitskaya, Anastasia.JPG

Anastasia Mileeva

Masha Pavlova

Nastya Schedrovitskaya

Middle school Student council meetings every Tuesday @11.35 in Conference room

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