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HS Student Council

Who are we? 

High School Student Council (HSC) is enthusiastic group of students who represent ISL members. The Student Council is a great place of gaining experience in areas such as organization and communication. The HSC consists of five officers: President (Nicole), Vice President (Maka), Minister of Finance (Anna), Minister of Communications (Nastya), and Minister of Internal Offers (Liza).  Representatives from the high school grades serve as at-large members: Frederik, Kenzie, Kat, Mathilda, Keisy, and Petra. The HSC supervisors are Ms.Phillips and Mr. Slachta 
(high school teachers). 

What do we do? 

High School Student Council cooperates with students, teachers, administration, and parents to make the International School of Latvia a better place. We organize in-school activities such as spirit weeks dances, and other fun activities requested by ISL students.  Most of the time HSC negotiate with ISL students in order to find out what people want and need to help the students actualize some activities. HSC is self-funded and funds raised goes to execute student activities.

How students can have their voices heard? 

High School Student Council opens their doors for everyone (9th-12th grades) who wants to contribute to student life at the International School of Latvia. HSC members are open to any suggestions or/and complaints regarding in-school activities and events or school improvement. It is very easy to become a part of student council to represent the ISL student body! 


    If you have any questions regarding the HSC, please contact the advisor, Elizabeth Phillips,