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Learn IT

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Coding courses for students between grades 6-8 who are willing to explore the creative side of the IT world. In classes students learn text coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages; create 2D animations and add them to their self-made website. During the semester students will develop understanding of functions, loops, conditionals, variables, their mathematical grounding and how they intertwine with each other. Furthermore, students will get some hands-on experience in electronics with littleBits by building interactive projects.

NB! Students have to commit to coming 2 times a week. Otherwise they will not be able to gain knowledge and achieve good results.

Students per group

10-15 students


2 classes per week, each 75 min long

Necessary equipment

Laptops or desktop computers (ISL); 8 littleBits Gizmos&Gadgets Kits (Learn IT)






Intro to computing and the course schedule


Overview of the semester timetable;

programming languages and their use, hierarchy;

intro to JavaScript

Creative Computing


Basics of JavaScript - shapes, colour systems and their division in computing; understanding of the 2D plane and how its used in computing, animations in JavaScript, intro to variables.

Creative Computing


More in-depth exercises using variables and their importance in computing, intro to functions and conditional statements, their purpose and the differences between them.

Web design


Basics of Web design and its formal divisions. Intro to CSS and HTML - children will create their own portfolio websites during these classes.



Intro to basics of electronics, what is electric current and how is electric charge carried. Practical workshops with littleBits that will develop and understanding of electric current.

Final Project Presentations


At the end of the course (in groups or individually), kids will present their final portfolios and their projects.

Classes in total




Activity leader: Programming Coach Lina
Location: TBD
Cost per season: 260 EUR
Limit of participants: 10-15