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Dance and Movement Therapy (Pre4 - Gr.2)

What is Dance Movement Therapy, whose methods are used by leading this group?

Dance movement therapy is the health care approach that uses art (dance and movement) to enhance your physical, emotional, cognitive (perception, memory, thinking, etc.) and social health.

Dance movement therapy guideline: the body and the psyche is an interconnected system, which means that changes in your body and in your movements cause changes in your emotional state.

In dance movement therapy, as opposed to the dancing and physiotherapy, a creative collaboration with the therapist and your reflections on this process is crucial

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Practical information about group:

  • It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes

  • Size of the goup-5-7 children

What will happen in: Movement and creative activities group‘?

Session begins with a conversation at the beginning of session and then balanced movement activities and games are used, in order to express thoughts, feelings and emotions creatively. In the process, music, rhythm and various auxiliary materials (fabrics, balls, scarves, etc.) are used. We won’t learn specific dances, but will use movement, games, and movement tasks to promote emotional, physical and social development. Sometimes towards of the end of the session children suggested game or activity happens. The session ends with a conversation, during which the gained experience is summarized.

Movement and creative activities group will help children:

  • promote physical changes, emotional changes, changes in thinking

  • reduce cognitive and emotional tension after a long day at school

  • develop social skills, improve communication skills, build trust in relationships

  • come into contact with internal resources and creative potential

  • understand and accept emotional and physical condition

  • increase self-esteem, promote positive perception of your body

Kristīne Vende-Kotova

Dr.psych. supervisor ;

Certified  dance movement therapist


Dance movement therapy studied in London (University of London, Goldsmith’s College) and worked with multicultural client group (children and youngsters) who had emotional and intellectual difficulties. As dance movement therapist I’m working last 7 years, mainly with children. For last 4 year in hospital with eating disorder, depression, emotion, behavior and developmental difficulties). Wrote PhD in psychology about ‘Maternal Nonverbal Attunement, Depression Symptoms, Emotion Regulation Strategies And Child's Behavior Problems’ (University of Latvia). I’m am pleased to work with mothers and children together in my private practice.

Also work in Rīga Stradiņš University as lecturer.

Activity leader: Ms. Kristine Vende Kotova
Location: TBD
Cost per session: 65 EUR
Limit of participants: 5-8