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MYP Parent Meeting

January 31, 2018

Dear Parents of MYP students, The next MYP Parent Education Session is Friday, February 2, 8:45-10:00. The focus will be on Advisory - what it is and why it is beneficial to students. I will also be updating you on some other points of interest you have brought up in the past sessions. I look forward to seeing you on Friday, February 2 at 8:45 in the Media Center. Have a great day, E. Phillips

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College Counseling Parent Night

January 30, 2018

REMINDER: College Counseling Parent Night! All 9 - 11 grade students and parents (but ESPECIALLY Grade 11 families) are invited to join us tonight in the Media Center at 5 pm. Hope to see you there!

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Charity Art Auction

January 22, 2018

Dear ISL Community, The Annual Charity Art Auction is excited to announce that the Auction has begun! The artworks can be found in the mezzanine. Everyone is invited to join us at the Award Ceremony that will take place on the 26th of January in the media center at 15:45. There will be two special guests performing at the beginning of the ceremony. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help charity, and to enjoy artistic expression!

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Mother Tongue Week

January 18, 2018

Dear students, parents and teachers, This week we are celebrating Vocabulary and Mother Tongue Week at ISL. All during the week in Elementary School, Monday to Thursday (Jan 15-18), parents are invited to come to your child’s class and read a story in your Mother Tongue. You are also invited to share “the most beautiful word in my language” on our Language Tree display in the main hall. On Friday, January 19th, ISL will host a special Vocabulary and Mother Tongue Activity Day.

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PTO Winter Bake Sale

January 17, 2018

Dear ISL Community, Our Winter Bake Sale will take place on Thursday 18th January, from 11.30 am. In order to make from the Bake Sale a success, we need your cooperation! Please bring in baked goods the morning of the bake sale, and don't forget to label the ingredients you use for your cupcakes, cakes etc.

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